1. Goods are deemed sold and delivered as ex works and always travel at the buyer's own risk even if exceptionally sent at our costs. Seller is not responsible for damages, failures, breakdowns or any other thing that should happen after the leaving goods from the warehouse. The purchaser or customer will control the conditions of goods and the relative weight. The control must be done during the withdrawal in order to exercise possible reservations towards the carrier even for the sales exceptionally sent to our costs.

2. Our delivery terms are not demanding and in case of delay of written date for the delivery of ordered goods, the customer hasthe faculty to cancel the order, only for the good with delay. The cancellation of the order must be done by registered letter before the sending of the material by the seller. Delays in delivery exclude any right for the customer of requests in indemnities or any other acts towards the seller.

3. Seller has not responsibility for partial or total execution, mishaps or defects caused by serious events as raw materials or source of energy supplying difficulties, equipment failures, suspension, even partial, of road ? railways ? sea ? traffic, requisitions of means of transports, recall of personnel in military force, epidemics, strikers or lockouts or any other events not imputable to the seller will. Seller has not responsibility for damages or accidents caused by breakdowns or other drawbacks happened for the uncorrent use of our products or other causes not imputable to the seller.

4. For the supplyings of agreed periodical delivery, non-fulfilments of one or more deliveries will not be for the purchaser title of right for the contract resolution, not even for the request of damages or other types of compensation towards the seller.

5. Possible complaints of goods must be pointed out within and not beyond 8 days from the receipt of good, exclusively by registered letter to our head offices.

6. The buyer will lose rights for delays or other types of complaints if pointed out in other manners. Defects and claims will be verify by our staff. In case of partial or total defects the material will be replace at no cost. The faulty material will be totally give back. The buyer will not be entitled to rescind the contract or ask indemnity.

7. The seller will not accept return of material without his written authorization.

8. Payments must be done exclusively to our head office in the fixed way and date. payments must not be suspended or delayed, even partially. The seller can rescind the contract in case of delay even partially. The buyer will not benefit of discount "ready cash" fixed with the order confirmation. The buyer must pay an interest equal to the average of the rate of major banks, from the expiry to balance, reserving to us the right to issue a draft for the amount due plus interests, costs and stamps.

9. Cost for contracts, stamps, registration and etc., must be paid by buyer.

10. The data supplied to FAIOT srl, lending assent for the treatment, will be used according to the article 13 d.lgs 196/03 (privacy consolidation act) in order to allow the realization of the fulfilments informatives, commercial and accounting connected to the contractual relationship.